Cakes With Taste

We Offer the Following Products 


Anniversary Cakes

Cakes for any type of anniversary whether it might be the anniversary of your wedding or any other special occassion.

Birthday Cakes 

Birthday cakes from young to old, from a normal chocolate cake to any cake with a special theme, whether it might be sport, cars, bikes or any other catagory. We will design it for you.

Cake Toppers

Our toppers are all hand made and can vary from small to large. The design can be flowers or any other object that you desire.

Celebration Cakes

Our Celebration cakes can be from a 21st birthday through to special birthdays for example 50th, 60th etc.

Baby shower & Christening Cakes

These cakes cater from the baby shower before birth through to the Christening of the child. Any art can be produced with the cake as per the client's request.


Christmas Cakes

From the traditional Christmas Fruitcake with the taste of brandy to the more modern Christmas cakes.

Platters ( Sweet & Savory )

We do a variety of sweet and savory platters and each of them have at least 5 - 6 different products on a platter plate and can serve 12 to 15 people per platter.

Sugar Art & Flower Arrangements

All the sugar arrangements on the cakes are made by hand according to the client's request and can vary from a single flower to a boquet's full of flowers and leaves.

Wedding Cakes

We will design the perfect wedding cake for you whether it might be a single fruit cake or two and more tiered cakes with the colors and flower arrangements to match your special day of your wedding.